Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elixir - I'm starting again and this time, doing it "right"...


About three weeks ago I discovered Elixir, a language which compiles down to Erlang Virtual Machine bytecode.  Much awesome has been said about the language so I won't repeat it here but instead talk about why I'm starting again.

After reading "the books"[tm] I started blundering into writing an application I lovingly referred to as "pastenix".  Three things I've always found useful:
  1. Pastebin.
  2. IRC bot which does note-taking / link sharing.
  3. Command-line note-taker ("Pastebin with a pipe[tm]")
I blundered through for a few days and achieved the grand status of being the only person on Earth capable of taking an entire ecosystem designed around resiliency and availability and producing something that would crash randomly.

So I'm starting again...

To try and instill discipline required to keep this puppy on track I'm going to commit to do all the right things and document appropriately.  I'll write unit tests, documentation, and actually use spec even though it's not compulsory.  I'll use Github for hosting, Travis for building and Inch for keeping me honest in my documentation.

As I hit snags I'll document here.

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